Jan 28 2021
16:00 - 17:00
Autonomes Frauenreferat des AStA der BUW

Workshop: Feminism in Latin America – Two Cases: Sayak Valencia and Rita Segato

++Important: To participate please send us an e-mail at frauen@asta.uni-wuppertal.de or a message via Facebook or Instagram and we will provide you with the Zoom link and the texts.++

The Workshop will take place at the 28th and 29th of January – Each day at 16:00-17:00 (german time)

A cooperation between Miroslava Arely Rosales Vásquez and the Intersectionality AG (Frauen*Referat)

In Latin America there is an outstanding feminist tradition that has placed in the public arena topics like motherhood, the ethics of care, the triple working day, sexuality, cultural-colonial configurations of gender.
In this workshop, we will focus on Rita Segato´s and Sayak Valencia´s work with the purpose of understanding how they problematize the notion of gender and power and how they incorporate elements like colonial issue in their analysis.