Dez 03 2020
19:00 - 21:00
FRIEDA-Frauenzentrum e.V.

Let’s Talk: Building Confident Communication

This workshop is only for black folks and people of color, and will center queerness/decolonializing gender and sexuality.
Talking about sex with your lovers: super hot, sometimes awkward, – or completely unknown territory?!
In this workshop, we’ll break the silence that so often surrounds sex. You’ll explore different strategies for effective, enjoyable communication with the people you get down with – and the ones you’d like to. Identify your own strengths and learn some tools that can help when you’re feeling tongue-tied. Through practical exercises, group discussion and space for private reflection, we’ll touch on topics including naming our desires, expressing our boundaries, the role of listening, and how to practice deliciously enthusiastic consent.
You find more information about the event here.