Aug 02 2021
19:00 - 20:30

Economics of Discrimination – A Cultur Based Development Perspective

Dr. Annie Tubadji (Swansea University)

The need for the movement Black Lives Matter and the tragic events that preceded it are the clear manifestation of the problem of discrimination today, which we all intuitively perceive as a poignant socio-economic question of our times. Economists are the most usual consultants on socio-economic policies, meant to tackle and rectify such socio-economic ills as discrimination. But what do economists know about identifying, understanding and intervening into the process of discrimination? Dr. Annie Tubadji argues in her research that both Economic Theory and Cultural Theory have contributed enormously to the understanding of the problems of discrimination, but critical bridges between the two fields still need to be built. These bridges are needed in order for policy makers and society to be fully able to utilize the pieces of knowledge that are now only latently present in each field, waiting to be recombined and put into useful action together for making our world a better place.

This evening debate will offer you the opportunity to get introduced to a novel plural economic paradigm coined by Dr. Annie Tubadji (Swansea University): The CULTURE BASED DEVELOPMENT (CBD) approach. Dr. Tubadji will outline how CBD bridges Economic Theory and Cultural Theory and will present her most recent CBD work on the study of discrimination and its extensions to the individual economic ‘game with God’, political behaviour and social unrest. The evening will offer the opportunity to inquire more details on how Annie links Economic Theory and Cultural Theory into her CBD Paradigm, and you will be able to engage in the debate yourself, ask your own pressing questions, propose your own solutions and discuss with Dr. Tubadji the feasibility of your own ideas for tackling discrimination.

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