Feb 02 2021
18:00 - 20:00

Creative Protesting – Case Belarus (en)

A talk shining light onto the ways people live under a heavy authoritarian regime in Belarus and the means they use to express their stances and free will. Perhaps an encouragement and a source of inspiration for those struggling with problematic democracies.

Tūla Kristina combines research, art and activism in her work. Is interested in different forms of documentary and its presentation from topics of science to human experience.

Has organised solidarity events regarding Belarus in Lithuania – We Care Let Us Dance music event with exhibition, workshops diving into creative protesting, events presenting audio and video interviews regarding Belarusian political nomad lives.

Has moved around – from living and studying Computer Science in York, UK to anarchist commune in Sardinia to Lisbon and now back to her hometown Vilnius.

Live closed captions are maybe available. / Die Veranstaltung wird nach Möglichkeit live untertitelt.

Link zum Online-Seminar: https://uni-frankfurt.zoom.us/j/94194801536?pwd=SE9nc2MxTEtORWZMdmhCOTNobFRmdz09

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Webinar-ID: 941 9480 1536
Passcode: 988430

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